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In conversations with people about my career and such, I’ve found that there are times when I will provide just a little more information than was requested. I enjoy relating about some of my past projects and experiences.

Talking about past experiences offers opportunities to learn and share lessons learned. I understand that relating my experiences can be a bit “wordy”. So, to abbreviate the conversation I created an info-graphic to illustrate major facets of my career…

The plan decided on was to create the image below as a conversation starter. One could scan the image and get an idea of the technologies I’ve been exposed to and also some of the tasks I’ve been assigned in the past. Now one would have a starting point for a conversation without having to read a seemingly never ending resume or relying on some “genius” HR software package that I suspect notoriously misses the context of the information on a number of resume pages. So, without further delay….

Career Infographic

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